• Scooterpac Invader Off-Road Mobility Scooter
  • Monster Shock Absorbers
  • Rugged Off-Road Ability
  • Up to 30 miles maximum range
  • Twin Motor Drive System
  • Super Grip tyres

The team at Scooterpac have brought us some innovative mobility scooters over the years including the Tandem, the Cabin Car and more recently, the Ignite. Now they have turned their attention to the all-terrain mobility scooter market and entered it with a bang! The all new Ignite is like nothing we have ever seen in the UK market for off-road mobility scooters. Read on below to find out more about this amazing machine…..

The Invader has truly been designed to cope with rough terrain, forest tracks and even snow! The huge, 23″ Supergrip tyres linked to the powerful twin motors drive you along offering huge amounts of traction and stability. What Scooterpac describe as “Monster Shock Absorbers” allow the Invader to cope with rough surfaces and deal with bumps along the way. They also appreciate that many riders will want to experience the thrill of a faster ride so the Invader has a trick up its sleeve….. the ability to accelerate up to?16 miles an hour*!

With all of this off-road capability in mind, it shouldn’t be forgotten that the Invader is still a road legal, class 3 mobility scooter with all the features required to ride along as normal. Apart from the super fast, 16 mph setting, the scooter can be set to 4 or 8 mph as a maximum speed for everyday use. There is also a reverse gear for your convenience. At the rear of the scooter there is a cargo rack to carry anything form your shopping to any essential equipment for a day in the great outdoors. There are also motorcycle style foot pegs that can be flipped out to rest your feet on.

There are powerful LED lights, indicators and emergency brakes front and rear, driven by a hydraulic system and huge brake discs. It also comes with two stylish motorcycle wing mirrors as standard. The powerful batteries can run up to 30 miles between charges**?The seat is comfortable but robust enough to offer support for off-road riding and comes with a seat belt as standard for your safety. The power is smoothly delivered by a motorcycle type twist grip accelerator and the brakes can be locked in place as parking brakes when you are getting on and off the machine.

There is a clear LCD display that shows you all of the information you will require on your journey. The current travelling speed is displayed, along with the total distance travelled on your Invader. There is also a battery meter so you can keep an eye on the amount of battery power left displayed as a percentage and a motor power meter, showing how much power is being drawn by the motors at any given time.

The Invader also comes with a multi-function remote control. There is an alarm system fitted that can be set and turned off via the remote control. You also have the ability for “keyless start” using the remote and there is a panic button, used to locate the scooter in a crowded car park or to act as an alarm to draw peoples’ attention in an emergency.

If you are looking for a mobility scooter that will get you to the shops in style, but give you the ability to “let loose” on parks or forest tracks the Invader could be the machine for you.

(*The 16 mph mode can only be operated on private land and cannot be used on the public highway.?**?The maximum range is dependant on user weight, the terrain covered and the speed the scooter is ridden at)


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