Push Button Joystick USB Encoder 0 Delay Arcade Game DIY Kit Parts

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Made of high quality plastic material,not easy aging,very durable.
0 Delay Arcade USB Encoder with USB Cable & Wires.
Use the accessories you can build your own Arcade Game Machine.
Easy Installation Design! Just connected the push button and joystick.
You just need to simply connect your arcade controls into the encoder board with the included wires, then plug the encoder into your computer USB Port. And then just enjoy your arcade Games.
With two pieces of compact encoder.
Theoretically to say it can support all the Windows System.But haven’t test all of them.Can make sure it can support Windows XP,Windows 7,Windows Vista & Windows 8.

Material: Plastic+Metal
Button: 42 x 28mm/33 x 24mm
Joystick: 102 x 60 x 95mm
Encoder: 8.5cm x 3.5cm
Voltage: 250V
Current: 10A
Package Included:

2 x 0 Delay USB Encoder
2 x USB Cable
2 x 5Pin wires for Joystick
20 x 2Pin wires for Push Buttons
2 x Blue 24mm Ring-Fixing Push Buttons
2 x White 24mm Ring-Fixing Push Buttons
8 x Blue 30mm Ring-Fixing Push Buttons
8 x White 30mm Ring-Fixing Push Buttons
1 x Blue Joystick
1 x White Joystick


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