2ND SATA 2.5 Inch HDD Hard Drive Caddy Bay For MacBook Pro SuperDrive

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2ND SATA 2.5″ HDD Hard Drive Caddy Bay for Apple MacBook Pro Unibody SuperDrive


This caddy will allow you to increase your notebooks HDD size to huge TB!! all you have to do is to replace your DVD drive with this caddy.
If you are not sure this will work for your notebook, please email the dvd model number, you could find out the superdrive model number in your system profiler (see screenshot in above picture pack)!
This device takes 2.5″/9.5mm SATA laptop HDD SSD

SATA Hard Drive Caddy Adapter for Apple unibody MacBook pro, also works with other MBPs (see below), this caddy will allow a 2nd hdd installed, so you will have much bigger storage hard drive for your laptop.
SATA 2ND Hard Disk Drive HDD caddy/adapter for any other Apple/HP/Dell/Acer/Asus/Toshiba/Gateway notebook that uses 9.5mm height DVD drive with SATA connector to the motherboard. it hosts SATA Hard Drive, It works with SATA Hard drive, and SSD (Solid State Drive) as well.
The 2nd SATA 2.5″ Hard Disk Drive Adapter gives you maximum storage flexibility enabling you to add a second 2.5″ notebook hard disk drive to any  modular bay. With the second HDD in your notebook, you have the fastest way to back-up key applications and critical data.

There is no difficulty to install the adapter if you have ever opened up your Mac Book Pro before. The only key point is removing and installing the numbers of screws. All you have to do is to keep them as they are. Your steady hand, great care and patience will make it easy to install this adapter. Here we’d like to remind you to pay more attention to the mounting screws on the left of the adapter and move around the wiring. And Then, you can go on with the following installation without obstructions.If we can do this, anyone can.
Of course, if you are still having trouble with it, you can find a skilled person to help you.

Package Included:
1 x 2ND SATA 2.5 inch HDD Hard Drive Caddy + Screws(Has been installed)
1 x Screwdriver


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