110V to 260V Wireless Chime Music Door Bell Waterproof 2 Receivers 55 Ringtone 300M Range Doorbell

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Description :

◆ 55 Ringtone
The product contains a lot of global chord music can be chosen optionally, so that your life is always full of new ideas.
◆ Volume Ajustment
According to the customer’s living habits, we set the 5 levels volume, depending on the actual situation, fully meet the modern personality of the home environment.
◆ Super long reception
Repeated scientific tests in the laboratory and in the field to ensure the normality of use in complex environments. The signal penetration and stability are leading the industry, and the 300-meter long receiving distance has become the new popular product of the multi-room large space.
◆ Waterproof Design
The new structure design of product completely prevents the intrusion of rainwater and effectively prolongs the service life of the product.
◆ Two Receivers
It has two receivers, which can be installed in different places, such as the living room and backyard, or on the first and second floors. Bells can be heard anywhere in the home.

Features :

0 electromagnetic radiation, suitable for preg nant women’s living environment.
Pure flat plate, dustproof, easy to clean.
The mouse-designed transmitter, more than 100,000 times.
Waterproof transmitter, not afraid of sun and rain.
5 levels adjustable volume, 55 Ringtone
Anti-interference and Ultra-low power consumption, the transmitter battery can be used for one to two years.
Wireless installation, convenient and fast.

Specification :

Power Consumption: 0.2W
Receiver Rated Voltage: 110-260V
Receiver Controllable Volume: 25-100dB (5 levels volume)
Waterproof Level: IP55
Transmission Distance: 300 Meters
Receiver Size: 81*81*25mm
Transmitter Size: 34*18.5*75mm

Installation Method:
The transmitter is opened with a screwdriver, which can be pasted with double-sided adhesive that is randomly distributed, or punched with screws.
When the transmitter is disassembled and installed, be careful not to touch the electronic components, and do not invert the up and down direction.
The transmitter uses a battery(Not included), and the plastic gasket for insulation is taken out before use. When the signal transmission and reception are less sensitive, replacing the transmitter battery can solve the problem.
The receiver can be used by plugging it into a regular indoor socket.

Precautions For Use:
Please use high-quality alkaline batteries as much as possible to avoid the use of ordinary carbon-zinc batteries with short battery life and easy to leak electrolyte.
Non-professionals should not open the repair without authorization, so as not to damage the delicate electronic components.
Please try to avoid putting the product in direct rain, long-term exposure, and close to metal objects.
Proper use of this product can effectively extend the service life.
The actual remote control distance will vary depending on the environmental factors used.


Package includeds :

2 x Receiver
1 x Transmitter
1 x Screwdriver
1 x Double-sided Adhesive
1 x User Manual

Details pictures :


AU Plug, EU Plug, UK Plug, US Plug


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