10W E27 Dimmable RGBW LED Light Bulb Colors Changing with Remote Control


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 Key Features
  • 1 color mode: 16 kinds of color change, seven color gradient, seven color gradient, jump, jump three.
  • 2, monochromatic color brightness can be adjusted through the remote control can choose fixed color corresponding to the three brightness, the default is moderate brightness.
  • 3, gradient and jump speed adjustable, when the mode is seven color gradient, seven color change, color gradient, three color jump, their speed of three adjustable.
  • 4, simple operation, infrared remote control, a remote control can control multiple lights, and the product has the function of a timing switch.
  • 5, green environmental protection, do not contain mercury and lead and other harmful elements. No ultraviolet radiation, to protect the object
  • 6, high light efficiency, low heat, 90% of the electric energy into visible light, ordinary incandescent lamp 80% of the electrical energy into thermal energy, only 20% of the electric energy into visible light;
  • 7, high safety factor of the required voltage, low current, less heat, no security risks, can be used for mine and other dangerous fields
  • 8, there are CE and ROSH certification
  • 9, this is a can be used for normal indoor lighting can also be used for a variety of color changes in the atmosphere of a lamp.

Manufacturer Specifications


  • Voltage: AC85-265V
  • Power: 10W
  • Lamp type and quantity:
  • 30 SMD2835 (white)
  • 8 SMD5050 (RGB)
  • Color temperature: 6500K (white)
  • Luminance: 900Lm
  • Material: aluminum plastic +PC
  • Interface: E27
  • Color rendering index: 80
  • Useful life: 50000 (H)
  • Light emitting angle: 120
  • Whether to adjust the light: Yes

Package content:


Weight : 0.12

Height x Width x Depth : 60 x 70 x 120

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