Terms and Conditions


1.1 Once a customer has entered a competition with Grubber they are deemed to have read, understood and accepted our terms and conditions.

1.2 In order to enter any competitions with Grubber, customers must submit contact details which are requested upon purchasing tickets; this includes the following…

a) Email address

b) Name

c) Country

d) Home address

e) Phone number

1.3 Contact details must be valid and up do date and are required for the following…

a) To notify competition winners that they have won.

b) To post in our ‘Winners’ section the name and location of our winners.

c) To comply with Grubbers privacy policy.

1.4 Grubber will not be liable for customers providing incorrect details. The winner of the competition will be contacted by us at Grubber within 24 hours of the live draw concluding and if contact with the winner cannot be made via phone or email within 7 days, Grubber reserves the right to conduct a re-draw for a new winner.


2.1 All competitions will be run by Grubber.

2.2 Entrants must be 16 or over and must be UK and Ireland residents only (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland)

2.2 Entrants will only be included in the final draw if the qualifying question has been answered correctly. Those who answer the qualifying question incorrectly are not viable to win their chosen competition and will still be charged. Please also note that answering the qualifying question correctly does not guarantee winning our competitions.

2.3 Entry is not permitted by any members of the Grubber team, prize partners, family members, or any others directly linked to a specific prize.

2.4 Grubber is not responsible for entrants who reside outside of the permitted countries; these participants will not be included in the final draw and will still be charged.

2.5 All Grubber competitions will state the total number of tickets in each competition. Each person/account is only permitted to purchase a maximum number of tickets per competition which may vary depending on competitions size. Upon purchasing your tickets you will receive email confirmation of your order whereby your name will have been automatically entered into our spreadsheet the corresponding number of times as the number of tickets you have purchased. Other contact information will also be entered on the spreadsheet for further identification of participants however this will be hidden during live draws for data protection purposes.

2.8 Competitions will run for 4 weeks and will be deemed to have finished when either the 4 week duration has been reached or all tickets have been sold, at which point the live draw will then be conducted within the next 5 days.

2.9 If the 4 week duration has been reached and less than 70 percent of tickets have been sold, Grubber reserves the right to either complete the live draw and award the winner the prize; complete the live draw and award a prize equivalent to the value of the total number of tickets sold; extend the duration of the competition; cancel the competition and issue refunds to participants.

2.10 If the 4 week duration has been reached and more than 70 percent of tickets have been sold then the competition draw will continue as normal.


3.1 Customers will be able to enter any live competitions they wish and will only be allowed to purchase a maximum number of tickets per competition (this number may vary but will be stated in individual competitions)

3.2 Before purchasing tickets, customers are required to display knowledge and or skill to meet UK laws regarding entering prize competitions. This element of knowledge and or skill will be a question of reasonable difficulty and must be correctly answered to be entered into the final draw.

3.3 If a customer answers the question correctly, your name will be automatically added to a spreadsheet of successful entrants the equivalent number of times as the number of tickets purchased and in the order in which they were purchased. Those who answer incorrectly are removed from the competition entirely and will not be in with a chance of winning.

3.4 Entry into our competitions can also be done free of entry charge via our postal entry route, however entrants must pay for their postage. To enter our competitions via postal entry you must complete a hand written letter including the following…

a) Name

b) Email address

c) Country

d) Home address

e) Phone number

f) The competition you are entering

g) Answer to the competitions qualifying question

3.5 Free postal entry must be sent to the following address…

Grubber Competitions, Old House Barn, Highleigh Road, Highleigh, Chichester, West Sussex, PO20 7QP

3.6 Free postal entry can only be completed once per person, per competition.

3.7 Free postal entries will not be counted if more than one entry is received from an individual or if the entry is received later than 48 hours prior to the competitions closure.

3.8 Ticket numbers are automatically assigned to entrants on our spreadsheet and correspond to the order in which they were purchased on the Grubber website.


4.1 Our live draws will take place on our social media pages where the winners will be announced live.

4.2 The process of our live draws is as follows…

a) We will introduce the audience to our live draw and state the competition we are drawing for.

b) We will then provide a live feed of the date and time to prove we will be conducting the draw absolutely live.

c) We will proceed to scroll through the list of participants who have successfully qualified for the competition.

d) We will then show a demonstration of our random wheel containing letters in the alphabet, which will be shown, shuffled and finally spun to decide a winner.

e) Finally the official draw of the winner will be conducted live with the same random wheel but this time containing the total number of entry tickets. The numbers will be shown, shuffled and then spun to decide the winning number. The winning number is then identified and compared to the spreadsheet where the winners name is announced live.

4.3 Once the winner is selected, they will be contacted by Grubber within 24 hours to inform them they have won and the hand over of the prize will be arranged.