How To Play

Follow the Easy Steps Below to Enter Our Competition

Step 1

Select any competition that takes your fancy

Step 2

Answer the qualifying question to enter

Step 3

Purchase your tickets for the competitions

Step 4

Check our socials where we announce the winners

How It Works

– All Grubber competitions will state the total number of tickets in each competition.

– Each person/account is only permitted to purchase a maximum number of tickets per competition, this number may vary from competition to competition but will be stated in the description.

– Upon purchasing your tickets you will receive email confirmation of your order and your name will have been automatically entered into our spreadsheet the corresponding number of times as the number of tickets you have purchased, only if you answered the qualifying question correctly.

– Your ticket numbers will be automatically assigned to qualifying entrants on our spreadsheet which corresponds to the order in which tickets were purchased.

– Keep an eye out for our live draws on our social media pages where the winners will be announced live.

– The process of our live draws is we will state the competition we are drawing for; provide a live feed of the date and time to prove we will be absolutely live; scroll through the list of participants who have successfully qualified for the competition; show a demonstration of our random winner generator; and then finally complete the official draw of the winner live.

– We use a random wheel with the total number of entrants in each competition to choose our winning number which we then compare to our spreadsheet to determine our winner.

– The winner of the competition will be contacted by us at Grubber within 24 hours of the live draw concluding and the delivery of the prize to our winner will then be organised.

– Competitions will run for a maximum of 4 weeks and will be deemed to have finished when either the 4 week duration has been reached or all tickets have been sold, at which point the live draw will then be conducted within the next 5 days.

– If the 4 week duration has been reached and less than 70 percent of tickets have been sold, Grubber reserves the right to either complete the live draw and award the winner the prize; complete the live draw and award a prize equivalent to the value of the total number of tickets sold; extend the duration of the competition; cancel the competition and refund all participants.

– If the 4 week duration has been reached and more than 70 percent of tickets have been sold then the competition draw will continue as normal.