Grubber was founded by Charlie Norton in his last year at university during a Covid-19 lockdown; and like many seemingly brilliant ideas, a few drinks was all that was needed before Grubber was born.

Being a keen sportsman and eager rugby player I wanted to provide people with the chance to win some brilliant prizes and so decided to create Grubber; a brand new rugby competition company which aims to give fans up and down the country this opportunity.

Not only this, but being a member of the rugby community who has seen the invaluable work of both the Oddballs foundation and Looseheadz in raising awareness for testicular cancer and tackling the stigma of mental health respectively; I find it very fitting and an absolute honour to say that I will working alongside both charities and will donate 10% of Grubbers earnings to these causes (see our charity partners section to find out more)

Thank you for taking the time to look at Grubber and I wish you the best of luck in our competitions.